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Bespoke Conference and Commercial Furniture

Around 20 years ago meeting rooms were generally dull and lifeless - presentations were paper based and communications and the utilisation of information were by today's standards, primitive and limited.

However, the past decade or so has seen radical developments in presentation technology and functionality with many options.

The infiltration and establishment of the computer into presentations and meetings has been the turning point for the way coporate communications are organised today. Almost every meeting room will be set up to facilitate computers, internet access and multimedia presentations.

From the conference rooms at the Co-Operative Bank to the lecture hall at Bangor University, these are prime examples of the specifications required for todays meetings and presentations.

The control centre for the equipment is concealed within cabinets which have been designed around the individual requirements of the company or university and their specific needs, with the projection screens being framed or housed within panelled walls.
Matthew James Furniture - Corporate and Commercial Furniture
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