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Bespoke fitted furniture for this Attic room

'With the vaulted ceilings, we knew handmade, bespoke bedroom furniture was our best option'

Having converted the attic to create a combined study and guest bedroom, the clients now faced the task of how to furnish it.

The room sort of designed itself, as it already had a natural division with the door being positioned in the middle, so it was decided to use this to divide the two areas. Simple shaker style fitted furniture in Maple with a chrome bar handle was the chosen design.

The main priority for the bedroom area was storage. They had a large collection of books of which they were happy to have on display, but they also wanted enclosed storage to hide away clutter. The study area needed to incorporate file drawers, a printer and all the other computer paraphernalia, which was successfuly accomplished into this design.

Regardless of the amount of storage you may need, we can create the perfect space. Any shape or size of room can be transformed with stylish bespoke furniture to accomodate any amount of clutter.
Handmade Fitted Furniture in Maple for this Attic Bedroom
1 Brooklands Parade Grotton Saddleworth OL4 4LA
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